FLAT – CABINETS Top management cabinet, made of MDF wood

Description The universal cupboard system makes it possible to customize the storage for any office.‎ The lines of the design bring systematic order to any creative chaos.‎ Documents, paper, and files are organized into an efficient and versatile system concealed behind a selection of font styles and different unit heights.‎ Coordinate the high-quality finish with your interior décor – the choice is yours.‎ Design can be used as a room divider in an open space, bringing structure into the office and effortlessly creating individual storage and a private sphere.‎
Dimensions {200.40.80(H.D.W)}-{160.40.80(H.D.W)}-{120.40.80(H.D.W)}
Specs Top management cabinet or Flat model, made of MDF wood, covered with a layer of high-quality melamine anti-scratch and friction, comes in two colors, and can be manufactured in one color as desired by the customer
Price: Depend on Dimensions

A wonderful office cabinet, Elhelow Style office cabinet has provided you with the latest wonderful designs in office cabinets, so you will find this flat cabinet with many wonderful specifications and suitable for all companies, institutions, and home offices as well if you are looking for an office cabinet with a distinctive design, here is that cabinet.

What are the specifications of the flat office cabinet?

It is a wonderful flat-shaped cabinet made of well-known MDF wood. It is friction-resistant, so it cannot be scratched because Elhelow Style office company manufactured it with a layer of melamine material, which makes it anti-scratch or friction. The flat cabinet comes with strong anti-rust handles, and it can The customer can choose between the existing colors of the cabinet. The flat office cabinet provided by Elhelow Office Furniture Company comes in two colors.

What are the technical specifications of the desktop flat cabinet?

The cabinet is available in two colors, so you can choose the best of them based on the decor in the office or the company. Elhelow office furniture company has been interested in customizing the cabinet with international specifications suitable for any place.

Based on this, you will find that the cabinet is designed in an organized manner with balanced lines that make it have a suitable design that creates the beauty of the decor without creative clutter. You will find that the storage unit height is very suitable for all spaces, as it is suitable for placing important files and multiple papers in it. It is not visible and is hidden behind the manufactured units Made of MDF with parallel lines.

The flat cabinet is an individual office cabinet that you can move from one place to another inside the office or room to take a form consistent with the decor and use to place your files and various purposes. You can also use it and place various antiques on top of it to add a creative touch to the decor in closed and open offices; you will find it very impressive.

What are the available dimensions of the flat cabinet?

Elhelow office furniture company designed the flat cabinet with the following dimensions.

{200.40.80(H.D.W)} – {160.40.80(H.D.W)} – {120.40.80(H.D.W)}

And the difference in these dimensions came to be suitable for many different places and spaces, so you will find that the dimensions of the flat cabinet from Elhelow Furniture Company are suitable for multiple divisions of open books, spaces designated for work teams, private and shared offices, and open workspaces.

Also, the flat cabinet can be placed in the meeting room for companies and institutions. Whether the meeting room is large, small, or medium, you will find that the dimensions of the flat cabinet are suitable for them, as the cabinet has different dimensions for all spaces.

Flat cabinet prices

After seeing all these specifications, you may wonder about the prices of the flat cabinets. The prices vary according to the different dimensions.

Payment method

Elhelow Office Furniture Company accepts cash payments or installments.

You can pay with Purchases Visa or by credit card.

Elhelow office furniture company accepts dealing with all different banks, and the installment system varies, and its period ranges from ten months to 60 months.

Elhelow Furniture Company

Elhelow office furniture company is one of the oldest companies that provide furniture manufacturing services with exquisite designs and attractive colors. They are experienced in the furniture industry. Elhelow furniture factories have been around since 1987, twenty years ago, so you will find everything you want from office furniture with them.

Many people are confused between different office designs and between steel and modern furniture, and Elhelow company came to combine designs and satisfy all tastes and provide all customers’ needs in terms of colors, designs, and dimensions. Whatever design you want and the space you have, you will find everything suitable for you in Elhelow for furniture.

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minimum 300EGP

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within 14 days From the date of receipt.

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