Marion meeting table MDF boarded with light wooden texture

Description MDF boarded meeting table with light wooden texture and light colored stainless steel structure that shows off its strength and completes its aesthetic finish
Dimensions 240cm in length, 120cm in width, 75cm in height
Specs Meeting table of the Marion model, according to model this might include,

  • Electricity ducts
  • Ducts hidden drawer units
  • Ducts and drawer hinges
  • Soft close cabinets and drawers
  • High quality metal handles

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If you want to combine modernity and durability in your design, this Marion meeting table from Elhelow Style Office Furniture is the best choice.

This Marion meeting table offers a combination of strength and elegance with some great ideas in design in a very beautiful light cafe color with legs and straps in the same color to complete your collection of elegance and beauty in one meeting table only at Elhelow Style Office Furniture.

Marion meeting table

This table has a very strong MDF wood that is famous for its bladder, with a wonderful wood texture, is shock resistant, and has a very long life thanks to the high manufacturing quality provided by Elhelow Style Office Furniture.

Elhelow Style for office furniture focused on this meeting table to make it a very durable meeting table with high strength and hidden manufacturing quality with leg and bearing capabilities in addition to the possibility of adding drawers; all this so that Elhelow Style for office furniture provides you with a very professional meeting table that honors you in any meeting.


This table comes in only one size, which is 240 cm in length, 120 cm in width, and 75 cm in height. These dimensions make the table a small rectangular shape, suitable even for small rooms and small meetings.

Even if you are hosting online meetings, you need a fancy meeting table that plays the role of the golden table with you. It conveys a wonderful stereotype and a first impression of the professionalism of your company or office.

The appropriate height of the table makes it also suitable for completing tasks that need a long execution time, given the comfort while working on it. You can also place it for employees for long working hours, so they work silently at a meeting table equipped with everything they need.

Perfect meeting table

The table is also suitable for sorting papers due to its medium size, it will not make you suffer from scattering papers here and there, and it will make all the papers within your reach, so if you are still working with the paper system and have daily hundreds of papers that must be organized, then getting this meeting table from Elhelow Style Furniture Desktop is the best choice for you.

Table brackets make it distribute the load on all parts of the table; it also bears pressure on its edges, it will not budge, and we have tested it well; it did not move with us after the continuous pressure on all its edges, it will never stone you and will not waste your work in its effect just because it is simply loaded on both ends of the table.

It is a smart meeting table with high durability and exceptional strength; it gives a good impression, it has a light color that makes it work, and it has strong brackets and places for the passage of electrical wires as well as even places to install additional drawers, suitable for work without long pauses and suitable for hosting small meetings or even working on an online meeting Line.

The ideal Elhelow style meeting table that you can get at the best price in Egypt only at Elhelow style office furniture; we also offer delivery services and real refund and replacement services for 14 days from the time of delivery; our support team is always ready to help you with anything, we can help you with Choose the most suitable table for your company, office, or even your children’s study or work on group projects, whether for university, school, work, or something else entirely.

You can also buy a Elhelow style meeting table for office furniture in comfortable installments as soon as possible. Contact us through live chat to find out the available installment systems. Do not miss the opportunity, as the quantity is very limited. Get it now and take your company to the next level of professionalism.

El Helow style for office furniture has been active in commercial activity including import, export and manufacturing since 1987 helping in the breakout of revolutionary and modern furniture ever since.

El Helow Style has had all special types of local and imported office furniture, be it modern or classic, for over 20 years. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our sole purpose. We strive to deliver the best quality followed by the shortest delivery time and impeccable after-sale service.

Advantages of Elhelow Marion meeting table MDF board

  • All our products are eco friendly
  • We provide delivery to all over Egypt
  • We provide a 3 year warranty over all our products
  • Products have various color and texture options
  • You can buy in installments

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