Description WIND LINE Well-organized workplace allows instant exchange of information and working in a team. WIND LINE open space collection enables you to create interesting color compositions from combining plates, fabric, and metal. The WIND LINE of the system allows you to create simple solutions for the multi-station. Cabinets with sliding and tambour doors are perfect, especially in small working areas.
Specs Workstation cell with Wind model consists of 2 tables and a library that can be separated and the customer can choose one or all. The tables are made of high-quality MDF wood covered with a layer of melamine anti-scratch and friction and water-resistant installed on legs of natural beech to give it durability and more durability and the library is a phrase For open storage units that have a stand on it to ensure balance and tractor roll (sold without spacers and added according to the customer’s desire) Price for the cell only without the drawers or the masters or the library
Price: Depend on Dimensions