Cabinet Miga model – has light wooden texture

Description MDF cabinet that has light wooden texture with two closed cabinets
Dimensions  80cm in length, 40cm in width, 180cm in height

80cm in length, 40cm in width, 200cm in height

Specs Cabinet of Miga model, according to model this might include,

  • Electricity ducts
  • Ducts hidden drawer units
  • Ducts and drawer hinges
  • Soft close cabinets and drawers
  • High quality metal handles

Elhelow Company for Office Furniture offers you Cabinet Miga model.

Elhelow Company is one of the oldest companies that offer the splendor of design and high-quality furniture. They have specialized in the furniture industry for twenty years.

Therefore, if you want a good and solid Cabinet that has an attractive and modern design and helps you in the field of work by placing your important files and papers in it and that is tidy and tightly closed, you should look at Elhelow cabinets for office furniture, as they are wonderful cabinets with an attractive design. Everybody.

What are the specifications of Cabinet Miga model?

Elhelow Office Furniture Company has provided the Miga Cabinet with wonderful international specifications to help you store your papers and files with ease and ease, and it is like a personal storage space for you. One of the best cabinets in Elhelow Company.

Elhelow Office Furniture Company is well aware that the customer loves a good, attractive design in harmonious colors and regular, non-random creative lines with the quality and durability of materials in wood. Therefore, you will find that Elhelow Office Furniture Company combined these modern designs with their quality in terms of materials, so the company used MDF wood and suitable glass in manufacturing Cabinet Miga model.

The famous Miga cabinet from Elhelow Office Furniture Company comes with four units, two upper and two lower; the upper units contain glass, and you can see what is inside the cabinet through this glass; as for the units at the bottom, they are two hidden doors that do not show what is behind them in the cabinet, so that If you want to organize your files and papers, you will find that the Miga cabinet is one of the most suitable cabinets for you.

Elhelow Company for Office Furniture designed these cabinets with all that durability with the possibility of closing and opening the units in a soft and smooth way, so you will find that the Miga cabinet has wonderful handles that will not change color, openings, and current for electricity as well as for air. Its storage units are organized, and its shape is wonderful and attractive and suitable for all spaces, because Elhelow Company For office furniture, dimensions and space are important. Elhelow Company provided international dimensions for the Miga Cabinet.

What are the dimensions of the Miga Cabinet?

Elhelow Office Furniture Company has provided you with the Miga Cabinet, distinguished by its light wood texture, with the following dimensions:

80 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 180 cm in height

80 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 200 cm in height

Elhelow Office Furniture Company has provided these wonderful dimensions to be suitable for all spaces. The width does not differ in dimensions, but the difference in height. Thus, the Miga Cabinet does not occupy much space, but it is suitable, and you can put everything you want in it when you increase its height.

Therefore, you will find that the Miga Cabinet is very suitable in private offices and shared offices and meeting rooms, and you can order it whenever you want, and it will come to you in the place you want.

Advantages of buying Cabinet Miga model from Elhelow

  • All of our products are environmentally friendly
  • We provide delivery service all over Egypt
  • We offer 3-year warranty on all of our products
  • Products have different choices of colors and materials
  • You can buy in installments without a down payment and interest

Cabinet Miga model order

You can order the Miga Cabinet from the various branches of Elhelow Company or order it online and receive it wherever you are in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
The Miga Cabinet will be delivered from Elhelow Company for Office Furniture within 15 days, and the shipping rate will be 5%, meaning that the minimum amount is 300 pounds.
If you encounter any problem with the Miga Cabinet, know that Elhelow Company provides an after-sales service, and you can return or exchange the safe within 15 days from the date of receipt.
And because Elhelow Company cares about the opinions of its customers and their inquiries, it provided the following:

Hotline: 01222212206 to answer all inquiries and order products
Customer Services: 01000100001 to answer inquiries and receive complaints

Elhelow Company branch addresses

Shipping :

within 15 days costs 5%

minimum 300EGP

Return :

within 14 days From the date of receipt.

Help :

Hot Line:  01222212206

Costumer Services : 01000100001


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