Elhelow Style offers its customers shipping services through the best shipping companies in Egypt, multiple secure payment methods, simplified purchasing procedures, shipping services, and technical support.

Purchase method:

We have an easy, practical, and secure purchase system where you can buy our products quickly and easily, through the purchase through electronic payment methods, and the buyer can request a purchase invoice before payment documented by the company that includes the name of the product and its specifications as well as the company’s bank account where the customer can also transfer the amount to the account The company, and provides us with his address in order to ship the product to him immediately.

Shipping Method:

Our company provides shipping and delivery service to all parts of Egypt, shipped to the customer’s address within 3 days.

Payment method:

All our payment methods are 100% safe and free, meaning you do not have to pay any additional fees we are contracted with the most important payment companies and international banks, through which payments are made. Such as:

Payment by bank transfer from any bank in the world or ValU
Or pay via all credit cards such as Visa Card and Master Card,………

Maintenance method:

Our company is advancing in the field of maintenance and after-sales service with a modern and new concept.
It is the replacement of the damaged part with a new one within the warranty period of 3 years.

In the event of any technical or electronic malfunction resulting from a manufacturing defect, our company bears the responsibility to replace the damaged part in the product and we are not responsible for any damage or malfunction resulting from breakage, negligence, or misuse.

international sales:

The international sales department offers customers the best ways to purchase, either by visiting us at one of our company’s headquarters in Egypt, and the customer can inspect the furniture and receive it by himself and we provide him with an invoice in his name that includes the purchase information,

Or by communicating with the international sales department and choosing the appropriate furniture, and the sales department submits a documented purchase invoice from the company to the customer that includes “the buyer’s name, buyer’s address, product name, quantity, price, shipping costs, and bank account information” and after confirming the payment process either through bank transfer Or electronic payment methods, the product is packaged and shipped on the same day to the customer directly. Our services also include:

All electronic payment methods are 100% secure.
Goods safety: the advantage of modern packaging, to receive without damage
Full Responsibility: We are responsible for delivering the product to each customer
Warranty and Guarantee: All of our products come with a comprehensive warranty of 3 years
After-sales service: A special department to follow up on customers after purchase.

We answer all your questions quickly through one of the following means:

  • +201222212206
  • in**@El*****.com