GLW246 Cabinet: Practical and durable Cabinet

We always need cabinets to put important papers and files in offices, rooms, etc., and because of the importance of these cabinets, El Helow Style office furniture company has been interested in manufacturing distinctive cabinets that are suitable for organizing work papers, books, and important files. Among the attractive cabinets in wonderful colors is the GLW 246 Cabinet.


The GLW 246   Cabinet is one of the latest designs of ElHelow Office Furniture Company. It is designed with a modern design suitable for young people and modern furniture. It is not a condition that you put it in your office only, but you can put it in meeting rooms, the hall, and wherever you prefer. large space.

What are the specifications of the GLW 246 Cabinet?


El Helow Style for office furniture provided the office cabinet with the best types of wood available, as El Helow factories used the famous MDF wood and the paint came on the wood to protect the office cabinet from any scratches that may occur to it. You can view the GLW 246   Cabinet units and find them very organized and practical.


The GLW 246   Cabinet provided by El Helow Style comes with hidden units and visible units, and perhaps this is the most prominent feature of it. The creative frame that was formed in it makes the shelves what distinguishes this cabinet, so you can put your favorite books in it and read them, and the books appear to you in an organized and wonderful way, and you can To use the shelves in it and put some books with a suitable piece of art or a basket of small trees as a touch of inanimate beauty, and you can put your private files in the hidden units.


Thus, you will find that El Helow Style Office Furniture Company has provided you with a distinctive design that combines elegance and high quality in the GLW 246   Cabinet. The office cabinet space is suitable for any place, whether at home or in a company or institution, and you will find that the office cabinet provided by El Helow Company Style office furniture is very suitable to be placed in shared and private offices and work spaces.

What are the dimensions of the GLW 246   Cabinet?

The GLW 246   Cabinet provided by El Helow Style Company does not have specific dimensions, as it comes upon your request. You can order it from El Helow Style Company with the dimension that you deem appropriate for you and the place where you will place the GLW 246   Cabinet.

Shipping GLW 246   Cabinet.


El Helow Style Company provides shipping service to all governorates within the Arab Republic of Egypt, and you can order the GLW 246   Cabinet.

 from anywhere in Egypt and you will receive the GLW 246   Cabinet.

 within 15 days from the date of the request, and the price varies according to the different dimensions, and if you find any problem with the cabinet, you can To exchange or return the safe within 14 days from the date of receipt, or you can visit the branches in order to obtain the GLW 246   Cabinet.

Elhelow branch addresses

Shipping :

within 15 days costs 5%

minimum 300EGP

Return :

within 14 days From the date of receipt.

Help :

Hot Line:  01222212206

Costumer Services : 01000100001



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