Meeting table Sovia model light wooden texture

Description MDF boarded meeting table with light wooden texture with dark squared colored chest support
Dimensions 240cm in length, 120cm in width, 75cm in height
Specs Meeting table of the Sovia model, according to model this might include,

  • Electricity ducts
  • Ducts hidden drawer units
  • Ducts and drawer hinges
  • Soft close cabinets and drawers
  • High quality metal handles

Elhelow Office Furniture has an MDF board meeting table with eye-catching light wood color; it can add creative touches to your meeting room in your company, factory, office, or anything else.

Elhelow Company meeting table supports a dark-colored box with a square shape. It is a simple design table with many uses, as it is a very practical meeting table.

This meeting table from Elhelow Company for Office Furniture comes with dimensions of 240 cm in length and 120 cm in width, in addition to 75 cm in height, which makes it suitable even for small rooms, with a very comfortable height in use that distinguishes it from other meeting tables.

This meeting table has a set of strong specifications; for example, it comes according to the Soviet model that is very popular in Egypt and the Middle East due to the wonderful capabilities that this model provides.

The table comes with strong stainless steel hinges that are durable and reliable even in the most difficult conditions. It has high-quality workmanship with light wood colors and a simple, quiet design that gives a professional look to the place.

Elhelow Furniture meeting table is a table with long life. It has strong wooden capabilities in manufacturing, and it saves a lot of space in the room; you can combine it with the director’s desk and the director’s chair in the same room if you want.

The table comes with supports in the form of a box, in wood colors that are slightly darker than the color of the main wood in the table, with an auxiliary stand also for the table, which completely prevents it from shaking during meetings.

This table is also used for meetings in companies, offices, and even home meetings; since it is small in size, it can be used for tasks such as studying for a group of students or even working on a double project, and it can help with several other things according to your need.

Elhelow Office Furniture Company provides a set of very special purchase plans and promotions. You can also buy a luxurious and wonderful meeting table with all these advantages in installments over long periods.

We always strive to provide several very special services, so we provided the installment option, which is the best purchase option today according to the economic news traded by experts, which means that you will get the best purchase option with the best product only at Elhelow Office Furniture.

Why every office needs a meeting table?

If you are wondering if your organization needs a meeting table, consider the benefits it will bring to your office:

  • Help you make a good impression: Whether you meet in person or virtually, potential employees, suppliers, business partners, and clients check your office setup and furniture, a statement conference schedule shows your company is creative, professional, and serious about working together. People judge appearances greatly. Appearances influence completion. The deal is 32%.
  • A good meeting table helps you get work done: conference tables are very practical; it’s a space where you can give training, gather remote teams, and post papers to finish a project. A meeting table is there for you when you need teamwork to complete a task or when an employee needs a quiet space for a confidential conversation or uninterrupted work.

All these advantages and more; the important thing is that the meeting table you get from Elhelow Company is the most suitable for your company. We provide the best office furniture in Egypt and Middle East.

Elhelow style for office furniture has been active in commercial activity including import, export and manufacturing since 1998 helping in the breakout of revolutionary and modern furniture ever since.

Elhelow Style has had all special types of local and imported office furniture, be it modern or classic, for over 20 years. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our sole purpose. We strive to deliver the best quality followed by the shortest delivery time and impeccable after-sale service.

Advantages of Elhelow Meeting Table

  • All our products are echo friendly
  • We provide delivery to all over Egypt
  • We provide a 3 year warranty over all our products
  • Products have various color and texture options
  • You can buy in installments without a down payment or interest

Our showrooms In Egypt to visit

Shipping :

within 15 days costs 5%

minimum 300EGP

Return :

within 14 days From the date of receipt.

Help :

Hot Line:  01222212206

Costumer Services : 01000100001



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