Andria chair model – With High Quality Leather, Comfortable


وصف  في حين أن التكنولوجيا قد تغيرت في مكان جلوسنا ومدة جلوسنا ، فلا ينبغي أن تغير الطريقة التي نحب العمل بها جميعًا
الألوان المتاحة أسود
المواصفات 1. كرسي اقتصادي المهمة: جلد عالي الجودة ، مريح ودائم
2. رغوة: إسفنج عالي الكثافة ، شكل متين ، مقعد ناعم
3. مسند الذراع: معدن وبلاستيك عالي الجودة ، ثبات وراحة
4. القاعدة: كروم عالي الجودة ، قوي وعصري تصميم
5.GASLIFT: جودة عالية من الكروم ، ورفع رشيق وعدم وجود عطل
6.HEIGHT: شد الإمالة قابل للتعديل وقابل ، ارتفاع المقعد قابل للتعديل
7.SIZE: قياسي. تصميم هندسي ، صنعة جيدة

Although the technology was the reason why our sitting time was fairly long and yet we shouldn’t have to have a comfortable sitting place and that was why it was task economic chair with high quality leather, comfortable and durable – a multi-tasked, comfortable black chair for long sitting periods.

Andria chair model

A chair with the economic category that is concerned with a wide range of workers and employees, as well as people working online in Egypt, consists of high quality natural leather. The chair’s design also takes care of all the comfort factors of the person sitting on it.

Besides the factors we have talked about, the chair comes with a layer of high density sponge and durable shape besides it is soft on the side of the seat. The chair backstop is designed for metal and plastic with high quality of chair stability and user comfort.

Besides the base design of high durability and modern quality chrome in standard and geometric sizes suitable for everyone. The chair comes with HEIGHT technology for the comfort of the paragraphs where the chair is adjustable in sitting low or high.


The Price Of Andria chair In Egypt

The price of Andria chairs in Egypt is suitable for all categories. Although the chair has many advantages but belongs to the economic category of the user. The price reaches EGP 1,995.00 instead of EGP 3,000 as an exclusive offer in our store.

Economic Chair Specifications

We also explained in our previous discussion that the chair is considered one of the best chairs of the economic category. It is used in the chairs of employees greatly because it has a distinctive geometric form and is fully covered in leather in the form of a five-star with a base of chromium for the convenience of the user.

The Color of Andria chair

The Economic Andria chair in black is a color that gives more luxury and beautiful shape. During the design of the chair, it took care that everything is suitable from sizes and the comfort of sitting on the chair to the color of the chair. Black is always suitable for companies and users in homes.

Why Buying Economic Andria chair

If you like all of us have a job or work online and sit more than 8 hours a day, you should know that you have to get a desk chair that is suitable for this purpose as we have not created a vertebral habit that endures that long sitting period, so we should take care of that issue very much.

So investing in a desk chair is one of the important things in order to protect yourself from all problems so that it is a chair of office chairs with great advantages that work to support the cotton bone in the body is tailored to each person and the back has a mesh design and all at a price suitable for the economic category which we have taken into account the reduction of expenses to the lowest thing possible.

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