Marine chair – High quality Leather, comfortable and durable

Description  While technology has changed where we sit and How long we sit, it shouldn’t change how we all like to work
Colors Available BLACK – brown – -and many colors
Specs 1.Task economic chair:High quality Leather, comfortable and durable
2. FOAM: High density sponge, durable shape, soft seat
3. ARMREST: High quality METAL AND PLASTIC,fastness and comfort
4. BASE: High quality chrome, strong and fashionable design
5.GASLIFT: High quality chrome, agile lift and no-malfunction
6.HEIGHT: Tilt tension adjustable and lockable, seat height adjustable
7.SIZE: standard. Ergonomically design, fine workmanship8. Head rest


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Marine chair – high-quality leather, comfortable and durable, this type of chair is characterized by a high amount of varied colors, prominent and attractive, and it is also characterized by having a soft seat and a solid shape, which makes you feel comfortable sitting for long periods, and because of the development that occurred in the era, the company kept pace with the development And progress in technology, as it provided the best products in order to ensure a suitable and comfortable work method that you like and makes you do your work without feeling tired.

Available colors for Marine chair

This chair is distinguished by the fact that it has many different colors, including brown and black, where black is the dominant color and is always available.

Marine chair specifications

Among the most important specifications of marine chair are the following:

  • The office chair is made of high-quality leather, which makes it comfortable for you throughout the sitting period and lasts for long periods of time.
  • In addition, the sponge the chair is made of has a high density, strong and durable shape, and a soft seat. All these qualities distinguish this chair and make you eager to use it.
  • As for the base of the chair, it is characterized by high-quality chrome, and my design is modern and strong, which is suitable for sitting on it for long periods.
  • The armrest in the chair is also characterized by the fact that it is made of high-quality plastic or metal, and it is stable and strong, and makes you feel comfortable at all times while sitting.
  • The lever is made of high-quality chrome in order to provide a high degree of endurance and durability, and the lifting is easy and there is no malfunction.
  • And just as the chair mechanism is characterized by the fact that the tilt tension is adjustable and it is lockable, and also the height of the chair seat must be adjustable.

Get Marine chair

If you want to get a distinctive marine chair that has certain characteristics within the ideal furniture in Egypt, you must follow the following instructions:

  • You must initially determine the size of the chair that you want in order to fit the place in which you place the chair.
  • You should also search for different types of chairs in order to choose the best for you, and you can do that by searching online.
  • Also, you must take into account the financial cost of the chair that you are buying, as there is supposed to be a special budget in order to buy a chair that has many advantages.
  • And the decision-making differs in the type of chair that you buy based on whether you want it durable and strong to last with you for many years, or you want a beautiful and attractive shape, regardless that it lasts for many years or a few years.

Brief profile of Marine chair

As for some of the important characteristics of marine chair, it is as follows:

  • This type is considered one of the best types of chairs that are now in the Egyptian market, as it is characterized by its solidity and durability, which makes it last with you for a long time.
  • It is also distinguished by the presence of many different sizes and the availability of many shapes and prices that suit your choice and ability to purchase.
  • The chair will be shipped within 15 days, and the shipping cost will be a minimum of 5%, which is equivalent to 300 Egyptian pounds. If you want to cancel the purchase of the chair, the return will take place within 14 days from the date of receipt as a maximum.

Elhelow Style has had all kinds of domestic and imported office furniture, modern or classic, for over 20 years. Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our only goal. We strive to provide the best quality followed by the shortest delivery time and impeccable after-sales service.

  • All of our products are stainless steel
  • We provide delivery service all over Egypt
  • We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our products
  • Products have different color and texture options

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