Rio chair for Senior Management – flame resistant leather

Description  While technology has changed where we sit and How long we sit, it shouldn’t change how we all like to work
Colors Available Black –  white – camel
Specs 1- Imported senior management chair Made of flame-resistant leather
2-The chassis is in the form of a five-pointed metal star made of high-quality reinforced aluminum
3-The chair is equipped with height adjustable fully upholstered arms
4- Equipped with 2 hydraulic parts, one to control the height of the chair and the other to adjust the back tilt for the user’s convenience
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Rio chair Imported Senior Management Chair is made of flame-resistant leather. It is one of the best types of furniture currently in the Egyptian market with the advancement of technology and a lot of changes to seating places and also the duration of sitting at work whether it is at home or in offices or companies. It is the perfect choice to work more comfortably in the way we want and love in addition to all the tools in its manufacture and materials and raw materials.

Top Colors Available in Head of Senior Management Chair

It has some very distinctive, imaginative and suitable colors for all decorations whether in offices, companies or homes. The most important colors include:

  • Color Black

    It is one of the most prominent colors in this model available in the Egyptian markets today as well as it suits all tastes and all decorations and is one of the most prominent colors in the world of furniture in general.

  • White Color

    It also has the outstanding degree of comfortable white for the eye and look and also suitable for all places and decorations in the place as well as the comfort of sitting on it and dealing with its calm and distinctive colors.

  • Camel Color

    It is one of the most beautiful colors available in this model and available in the markets in the best high grades and the materials described therein, which fits all the alleys and decorations found in the place whatever whether it is home, office or company, this color fits a lot.

Top specifications of Head of Senior Management Chair

The Head of Senior Management Chair enjoys many distinctive specifications as well as other types of furniture currently on the market in addition to conforming to all the basic and standard standards of the engineering world and all European standards in the furniture industry. The most important specifications include:

  • One of the most prominent types of imported and inside administrative chairs in its industry is flame-fortified leather from the most prominent types and the best materials in manufacturing.
  • Its overall star-shaped structure is also made of metal.
  • Its five-way shape enters its strong aluminum industry of high quality and outstanding durability.
  • In addition, it is equipped with a fully upholstered arm and can be lifted or reduced depending on what we want and what we want to sit on with the required comfort.
  • Be able to move it, adjust it and rise it the way we like it and we want it to be able to sit back on it.
  • It consists of two parts the first part is a hydraulic part with four elements to control the height or reduction of the chair, and it is also equipped with another part for the tilting and adjusting of the back of the chair to reach the comfort of its user.


Rio chair prices and delivery

Although it enjoys all standards for the engineering and European standard furniture industry, its prices are not expensive and do not require the high costs of accessibility as follows:

  • The possibility of purchasing it in instalment without the need for payment is one of the most prominent and important features of dealing with our customers and has won the admiration of many of our customers from different places and countries.
  • In addition to the possibility of delivery to all governorates while ensuring that the product arrives in complete safety without scratches or any damage to it.
  • It also has a warranty of years and up to about three years for product warranty and full trust with our customer.
  • In addition, it has no impact or collateral damage to the environment, as it is made of the best high quality species and these are the most important focal points in its features.

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Elhelow Style has all kinds of local and imported office furniture, whether modern or classic for more than 20 years; Customer satisfaction has always been and always will be our primary and only goal.

We strive to provide the best quality followed by the shortest delivery time and service for the flawless sale.

  • All our products are rust resistant
  • We offer delivery service to all parts of Egypt
  • We offer 3 years warranty on all our products
  • Products have contrived options of color and texture

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within 15 days costs 5%

minimum 300EGP

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within 14 days From the date of receipt.

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