Best office furniture factory in Egypt 2024

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If you want to find durable office furniture with high-quality materials at reasonable prices, you should rely on Elhelow Style, as it has the best office furniture factory in Egypt because you will find in it the largest selection of office furniture in different shapes and types, and in terms of prices, be wholly assured because this factory is classified from The cheapest office furniture factories in the entire Arab Republic of Egypt, so do not tire yourself, dear, in searching here and there because this factory provides you with high-quality office furniture at an unparalleled fantastic price.

Choosing office furniture in Egypt

When choosing office furniture, it must have several important specifications; for example, the office furniture must fulfill the purposes of the work with papers and files.

Office furniture factory

If you want to find modern office furniture, you must deal with Elhelow Style Factory, the best office furniture factory in Egypt, where you can buy excellent and durable office furniture at reasonable prices and of very high quality because our raw materials are international materials manufactured in our factories by Egyptian hands one hundred percent, relying on the best technology Manufacture of furniture in the world, and the factory is able to implement unique models according to the perception of each customer in any quantity and in the least possible time at the cheapest cost in Egypt. The factory also offers considerable discounts to owners of major companies, so do not hesitate to deal with us.



Some companies need a large number of desks and chairs, and if the space is small, the matter becomes very complicated, so the cheapest office furniture factory in Egypt has created designs of modern office furniture so that a large number of workers can share in the same place, and at the same time provide them Convenience and fulfilled work requirements.

The best office furniture factory is also available in multi-colored modern office furniture designs, for example, white desks, orange desks, black desks, light, and dark brown desks, as well as leather chairs, solid wood chairs, and iron chairs that reflect a luxurious atmosphere in the place, and give workers Psychological comfort and be a strong motivation for work and activity.

Best office furniture factories in Egypt

Egypt is home to some of the best office furniture factories in the Middle East and the world. There are several excellent office furniture factories in Egypt, and each has its unique style. Egypt has developed into an industrial powerhouse, and one of the industries that Egypt has succeeded in is the office furniture industry. Because office furniture is necessary for all companies of different sectors and sizes and because it provides comfort to employees and contributes to the style of work in companies, below we will talk about the best office furniture factories in Egypt with the addresses of each factory.

Office furniture factory in Cairo

Elhelow Style Factory was established in 1998 to provide affordable furniture to Egypt’s growing population. Today, Elhelow Style is one of Egypt’s leading manufacturers of traditional and modern office furniture, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and bookcases. The factory also produces a variety of other furnishings, including beds and sofas.

The factory employs many workers on more than 6000 square meters.

This is the address of Elhelow Style exhibition in Cairo

90 street 5th settlement, concord plaza mall, Cairo

Office furniture factory in Alexandria

We produce a wide range of furniture for both the public and private sectors, and the most popular designs are usually made of wood or other natural materials, with some models having metallic accents; the furniture is often made to order, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring certain pieces.

This is the address of  Elhelow Style exhibition in Alexandria.

Victor amanuel square smoha, Alexandria

Office furniture factory in tenth of Ramadan

You can visit one of Elhelow Style office furniture factories in the Tenth of Ramadan City, where the factory produces a variety of chairs, desks, and other office furniture, all with a distinctive Egyptian character. Visitors can see the workers at work and learn about the precise, detailed designs that are placed in each piece.

This is the address of Elhelow Style exhibition on the 10th of Ramadan.

Badr City, Roubiky Road, Industria East, Plot No.: 123

Office Furniture Factory in Nasr City

Elhelow Style Office Furniture Factory was established in Nasr City in 1998 and manufactured a wide range of office and corporate furniture,

The factory has a team of skilled craftsmen who design and manufacture office furniture from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and leather. Its products are sold all over Egypt,

The factory is famous for its high-quality furniture that companies often choose for their offices; the factory products include desks, chairs, filing cabinets, coffee tables, and other accessories.

These are the addresses of Elhelow Style showrooms in Nasr City

25 Abbas El Akkad St., Nasr City

48 Ahmed El-Zomor, Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City

Office Furniture Factory in Badr City

One of Elhelow Style factories is located in Badr City, producing high-quality, low-cost office furniture for offices and businesses all over Egypt. The furniture is made of high-quality materials and features contemporary design elements that are sure to meet your needs.

The factory employs a team of skilled craftsmen who use traditional methods to produce high-quality furniture; they strive to provide customers with unique products that they will appreciate and use year after year.
The factory is located in a distinguished commercial area, and the demand for its products is increasing throughout Egypt and abroad.

Address of Elhelow Style Factory in Badr City

Badr City, Roubiky Road, Industria East, Plot No.: 123

Best office furniture companies Elhelow Style Company

Now with the best office furniture companies in Cairo, you can find everything your company or office needs, from chairs, Meeting Tables, Tea Tables, administrative offices, and furniture for storage and archives,

There are also furnished libraries in various shapes and types and in more than beautiful materials. Our company is one of the most important and prominent leading companies in this field. It has an honourable precedent and a very large number of clients that are increasing day by day. Our materials are characterized by quality and high efficiency and are not easily damaged, and are characterized by their long life; all this is in addition to our prices, as we are considered one of the cheapest office furniture companies in Cairo, so do not hesitate to deal with us.

When buying office furniture, some important things must be taken into account. For example, the office chair must have a set of important qualities and techniques, which are:

Durability: The durability of office chairs is one of the most important things that must be taken into account during the purchase process because it saves the owner of the company or place, i.e., a lot of time and effort,

Because he will not have to change it every once in a while because it breaks or gets damaged quickly.

Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the basic qualities that the office chair must have because the office chair is the employee’s companion and must provide him with comfort and flexibility in moving from one place to another.

Best office furniture company in Cairo

Best office furniture company for sale in Cairo has many types of office chairs, the most important of which are:

Metal office chairs

Metal office chairs are considered one of the best types of offices so far because they are characterized by flexibility and durability, which helps the employee to feel comfortable and at ease of movement, which increases his productivity and creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere for him to work.


Leather office chairs

Leather chairs are considered one of the finest types of office chairs because they are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and high taste. Their presence in the place gives the customers a good impression of the place. It is also characterized by flexibility and durability. Through it, employees can move easily, and the owner of the company will not have to change it every period

Wood office chairs

The wood office chair is considered one of the oldest types of office chairs in Egypt. It was used in companies and government institutions in abundance. It is durable but not flexible and easy to move, so it does not provide comfort to employees during work.

Why Elhelow Style is one of the best office furniture companies?

To everyone looking for quality and high efficiency now with the largest office furniture companies in Egypt, you can find very high-quality materials at very suitable prices and very reasonable prices. Our company broke all standards and provided excellent offers and discounts on all types of furniture it offers now for a limited time. On the occasion of the company being named the best office furniture company in Egypt,

Do not miss the opportunity and deal with it. You will find a large group of office chairs of all kinds (wooden, leather, and metal), all of which are characterized by flexibility and durability, which helps employees to work in an atmosphere full of comfort and ease of movement. Administrative offices, storage furniture, and luxurious sofas characterized by sophistication and high taste attract the attention of everyone who sees them. We also have libraries with more than wonderful shapes that you can choose from them that suit your taste.

The best office furniture company in Egypt provides all its customers with a group of the most efficient technicians who specialize in dismantling and installing all kinds of furniture to install furniture as soon as it is delivered, thus saving a lot of time and effort for the owner of the company. Dear, do not be late and deal with us while you are assured so that you are safe and get the best material at the lowest price.

Advantages of Elhelow Style factories for office furniture

  • All of our products are environmentally friendly
  • We offer delivery service all over Egypt
  • We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our products
  • Products have different choices of colors and materials
  • You can buy in installments without a down payment or interest

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