Factors to consider when choosing office furniture

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The purpose of using the furniture

Before choosing office furniture, it is necessary to know the main purpose for which it is used. Is it used for senior management, or is it intended for visitors or employees?


Appropriate for the general shape of the office

It is very important that the furniture, its shape, color and size match the shape, color and size of the office or the place where it will be placed.

Appropriateness for employees

Furniture that is not suitable for employees leads to a lot of stress and the possibility of them suffering from health diseases that will hinder them from performing their work.

Durability and quality

All manufacturing specifications must be checked before purchasing any type of furniture, which reveals the materials that are used in its manufacture. The destination of supply, there is furniture made of iron, there is furniture made of wood or natural wood, there is furniture made of steel and many others.

The size and weight of the furniture

Every place is completely different from the other in bearing excess or little weight, the upper floors of the buildings are suitable for light weights, and the ground floors bear the extra weight, and small places bear the size of the furniture that is very suitable for them and vice versa.

Administrative levels

As for the furniture used at the higher administrative levels, it is different from that used in the middle or executive, and the furniture for machines is different from the furniture used by employees.


Before buying furniture, it is necessary to know the required budget, estimate all costs accurately, and compare prices obtained from Elhelow Style company for Office furniture Egypt.

Furniture colors

Furniture colors must be appropriate to the colors of the place where the furniture will be used so that there is consistency in colors.

Additional places for storage

In the event that there are several files, it is certain that users will need additional places for storage, such as shelves that are hung on the wall or a cupboard in a color that matches the color of the office furniture in Egypt and is large or only overhead in order to put all the papers and special needs.

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